What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is the process of integrating a plan for your money and a plan for your life.  Your life goals involve your experiences, your relationships and your time. These are the fundamental inputs to building a financial plan.

You need money to make these goals happen.


Your Financial Plan

Your customized financial plan becomes the foundation for our investment program recommendations to fit your needs. The plan considers your risk profile, your tax situation, and what is required in this partnership to deliver.

We perform a full spectrum analysis of your financial situation so we can diagnose and prescribe a course of action.  You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. We feel the same way about your finances. This plan becomes our true north that we will use as our map to guide you to financial success, realizing course corrections will be necessary when “life happens”.   

The financial planning experience encompasses elements of risk, taxes, and life goals so that we can make educated, rational decisions, understanding the benefits and the trade-offs.

Your Money

We focus on four elements to manage your financial assets to achieve a successful life:  Behavior, Expenses, Risk, and Taxes. We maintain a common sense approach as each of these ingredients are moving targets.

You are an emotional hot mess when it comes to your money and the biggest threat to your portfolio is you.

You will want to make decisions that “feel right”, but can put your wealth at risk.  We feel the need to provide a financial plan and an investment portfolio that you are more likely to stick with.  Behavioral finance is a tenet to our portfolios. We need to focus not on what we fear, but what can kill us.  

Your Portfolio

We emphasize behavior and risk management in designing and managing our rules-based portfolios.  Your portfolio is about direction, not perfection.  It is a response to your purpose in life with a purposeful arrangement of parts - modular, flexible parts that add value.

We invest for the long-term, but realize that life is lived today.  We use a dynamic risk allocation that adapts to market misbehavior. Your risk profile isn’t just a questionnaire.  It examines the risk required and the risk desired. We feel this approach will lead to greater investment plan adherence and is less vulnerable to the emotions of fear, greed, and regret.